My graphic design education began at Oakland Technical School, which led to an Associate in Applied Science degree in Graphic Design from Oakland Community College. To enhance my business skills, I transferred to Oakland University where I graduated with my BS in Integrative Studies with a minor in business/marketing.

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I have over nine years of experience in design, first working as a digital artist/photographer’s assistant for a photography studio, and then as a graphic designer at a local advertising agency. My past assignments included concept development, designing print advertisements, developing marketing plans, developing brand identities and corporate logos. As part of the advertising agency, I was also responsible for the design and implementation of the company’s projects including a prominent Pizza Company.

“Kim is a great talent to work with. She is artistically gifted, quick witted and has developed her own sense of creativity that separates her from everyone else. You will always see her wearing a smile and optimistic outlook.” October 16, 2008

-Chris Sonjeow , Creative Director , PGN Agency
managed Kim at PGN Agency